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Here is a photograph I took last week in the national park „Valley of Fire“ in Nevada.

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  • Photo-Week in Köniz

    15 Feb 0 Comments

    The community I live in asked me to have my photos posted on Facebook and add a tip every day next week. Of course I agreed- it is officially offical now! If you understand German

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  • Fire that feels cold

    08 Feb 0 Comments

    I was lucky with the weather the weekend I visited “The Valley of Fire” in Nevada – no rain for once! This national park is about one hour driving from Las Vegas where I stayed.

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  • The temple that is actually a museum

    03 Feb 0 Comments

    I like this photographs I took in Taipei a lot. I thought it is a temple but it turns out that it is a museum. The photo was taken on a tripod during sunset. I

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  • Before and After in Paris

    27 Jan 0 Comments

    In my last post, I showed you how to remove objects in photos with the “Spot Healing Brush Tool”. I think this is a very good tool and does a wonderful job! If there are

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  • Before and After in Hong Kong

    18 Jan 0 Comments

    Whenever using Adobe Photoshop to change the look of a photograph, I try to be decent using the software. Decent meaning, I never add things to my photographs. There are software components out there that

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  • Black and White Photography in NYC

    14 Jan 0 Comments

      When doing Black and White Photography using Adobe Lightroom, I first make the photo looking good in color. Believe me, there will be a completely different result when starting to change the photo to

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  • My friend needs some photos of food

    06 Jan 0 Comments

    One of my good friends is a dietician and runs a blog. We had dinner once and she was asking me to send her photos of some food because she likes my kind of photography

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  • The Empire State Building

    28 Dez 0 Comments

    To find different perspectives, I circle around the object I want to picture. Here I was moving towards the Empire State Building till I had an equivalent gap to the two nearby houses. Then I

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Latest Videos

Creating a Pano using Adobe Photoshop

There are many ways how to create a pano – one of them is using Adobe Photoshop. This short video explains my workflow when I am using Adobe Photoshop.

In Taiwan I explain why I choose the camera settings I choose

Having control over my camera is to me the most important thing when taking photos.
I studied IT and to me a camera is a computer that happens to take photos. There are a few settings I never (almost) change. This short little video shares my thoughts.

Taking Photos in Austria – a short onsite video

How do I set up my camera in the field? What was I thinking?
Here is a short video about my camera settings of a photograph I took in Innsbruck, Austria. It was a very nice sunset I experienced there!

Removing stuff in Adobe Photoshop

Over the years now Adobe Photoshop is part of my image post processing workflow. I remove a lot of stuff using Photoshop. Why not Lightroom? I cannot really prove it but I think that Adobe Photoshop does a better job than Adobe Lightroom. Especially when it comes to cables going thru the whole picture I found a way how to remove them so no one can tell the difference. I am not saying it is less efficient, I am saying the final result is worth the time!

Where is everybody?

This question I got pretty often by people looking at my pictures. In most of the scenarios I wait – but here, different scenario…

What do I do?




I do not know what it is, I just like to take pictures form all over the world so I can remember all the beautiful places I have been to. The first thing in my image creating process is to find the perfect Location.



Once I have arrived tat the Location, I take the pictures. Usually I shoot in bracketing mode to create an HDR Picture later.

Post Processing

Post Processing

This is where the fun starts! Once back home I will give my pictures a look using different tools like Adobe Lightroom, Photomatix and sometimes Adobe Photoshop

How about Some Fun Facts about me?

Beat Dietsch

Countries visited
Cameras owned: Nikon D60, Nikon D300, Nikon D600, Nikon D610, Nikon D750 Sony A7R
times a day thinking of beer
Unique name: Beat Dietsch

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